Monday, October 12, 2009

Public Apology

I have so much to share with you -visually- and I am compelled to say a few words. I have a few friends who do photography, and I follow their progress and am severely impressed.
These are people with full time jobs besides what they photograph.
I know they put an amazing amount of work in what they do.
I put a lot of time in the photos that I post, but I must say this:
photography is not my love, painting is.
getting it gorgeous is not my goal, getting posted is.
you remembering me is silly, you remembering the place and wanting to see it for yourself (and maybe take a better photo) IS!
So forgive me in my haste to show you the home that I love.
And I absolutely challenge you to photograph it better (I am sure you can).
So keep that in mind in the following posts.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Now I'm YouTubing

I take video once in a while, but I rarely post it, as they take forever to load onto blogger or photobucket. Finally, I started a YouTube account. It is pretty easy to use, and I started adding videos old and new right away.
To the right is a new button called "videos" and that is the link to my YouTube page.
Does anyone know if it is possible to change their order.
These are very casual home-made movies. They are not even edited. In fact, I suggest turning the volume way down, since I seem to be laughing quite prominently in too many of them. The reason I include them, though, is because some things just need video. Like riding through Rota streets, watching Lancelot chase a remote controlled helicopter, clapping along with feria dancers, and seeing a sea dragon swim by--about the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.
For your viewing pleasure, here is a moment of zen:
(from the Oceanarium in Lisbon)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


While Nino was here, very soon after returning from Paris, Enigma passed away.

He went to sleep under the bed one evening and did not wake up.

I feel greatful that we did not have to make the very difficult desicion of when his time came to be put to sleep. I am not sure I would have been able to do it.

He lost a little weight, and we knew then that his time was coming. However, he was never sick. He played and ran and was his happy self. His breathing was often bad with lots of coughing and gagging, but it did not seem to slow him down at all.

I remember his last night, I gave him some bacon, and Nino said it was not good for him. I thought privately that he deserved a lil fun this close to the end. I had no idea he was that close though.

He was 10 years old.

I keep saying that he would be my last dog, and I really feel that way. He was sort of tailor made for me, and I don't think I could love another dog.

Lancelot (Moo) was so very angry at me, and he is just now starting to act more himself. He was hiding a lot and ignoring me completely while being extra needy to John. That did nothing to ease my guilt, let me tell you.

We are going to keep his ashes. I have never done this with a pet before, and I would appreciate any ideas you have with how to keep a pet's ashes tastefuly.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice


Nino, my brother-AKA Daniel, spent 3 weeks here in May. We went to Paris, Lisbon, Gibralter, Sevilla, and around Rota. All the pictures are on the picture site (button at right). Here is the album of the last place we went, Gibralter.
I was pretty depressed a few days after he left. We were so busy and had so much fun. John was not able to go anywhere, because he cannot get time off. He has no replacement yet. Soon he will, then I hope to do much more traveling around Southern Spain and Germany.
I have not forgotten about my Rota installments. One coming up soon. Stay posted.

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