Monday, July 6, 2009

Now I'm YouTubing

I take video once in a while, but I rarely post it, as they take forever to load onto blogger or photobucket. Finally, I started a YouTube account. It is pretty easy to use, and I started adding videos old and new right away.
To the right is a new button called "videos" and that is the link to my YouTube page.
Does anyone know if it is possible to change their order.
These are very casual home-made movies. They are not even edited. In fact, I suggest turning the volume way down, since I seem to be laughing quite prominently in too many of them. The reason I include them, though, is because some things just need video. Like riding through Rota streets, watching Lancelot chase a remote controlled helicopter, clapping along with feria dancers, and seeing a sea dragon swim by--about the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.
For your viewing pleasure, here is a moment of zen:
(from the Oceanarium in Lisbon)


Laura said...

It's so peaceful watching the fish swim - love those stingrays!

Dina Rose said...

Hi! Being that I'm new to this site, I didn't know how to leave you a message other than to leave a comment. My husband is in the Navy and has just gotten orders to Rota, Spain. We will be there in December. We are both also from Southern California (YAY!)and luckily I found your blog which is very informative about Rota. I have so many questions to ask you about moving to Rota! Please email me when you can!

Amanda Evans said...

Jenn- I found your blog while searching for info on Rota. My hubby is deployed and I am thinking about hopping Space-A over there for a little break! There are a few flights weekly from where we are stationed. Anyway, I have two little boys (age 2 and 3), but we've traveled around the world with them they are decent travelers. Do you have any tips on where to stay in Rota? A few of my friends think I'm crazy for even considering heading over to Europe for a short trip with two kids, but it sounds so fun! If you get this message in the next day or two, feel free to drop me a line! Perhaps I'll be there this weekend :-)