Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bubble News- Endoscopy

Yesterday I went to the bubble dr. Also known as a GI dr. He said I have "severe acid reflux" that is usually only seen in "middle-aged men". Great. He also told me all the horror stories about letting it go as long as I have, and that I will be on medication for it always. But to know how much I have damaged my esophagus,
I am having an endoscopy tomarrow.
They are going down my throat with a tube to look where my esophagus meets my stomach to see how badly it has been damaged. Then they go to the bottom of my stomach to see if I have ulcers and take cultures. Then he said I should be monitored in Spain. Whatever that means.
I am so unhappy about this procedure, but they will put me under some twilight anasthesia, so hopefully, it will go well.
Wish me luck.

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