Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to use this blog:

Where am I? What am I looking at? What can I do?
This is a tutorial for my new blog.
(Not everyone in my family is super computer friendly.)
If something is not working for you DO NOT THINK IT IS YOU, please let me know, because I may be able to fix it for you and others!!! Help me keep this site working correctly.
This is NOT a secure site. Meaning that anyone in the world can find it if they want to. So PLEASE do not leave any of your personal information in any of the comments or the shout box. If you think I need your info, email me at my yahoo address.
Any word that is underlined in this blog is a link to another page on the web. For example if you see "the anaheim ducks" and it is underlined, that means that it will take you to a page about the Ducks. Ditto anything else. I have tried to make it simpler with the expression "click HERE" so you know, but PLEASE get in the habit of thinking that any underlined words are going to be links to places I wanted you to go and check out to get more info. Whatever I am talking about at the time should give you an idea of where the link would take you. IF THE LINK TAKES YOU SOMEWHERE CONFUSING OR NOWHERE AT ALL, PLEASE EMAIL ME OR COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG, SO I MAY FIX IT!
What is this bog all about?
This is a blog about John and Jenn's adventures in Spain. I started it before I got here, so the earliest blogs are about anything concerning our lil family and some things we had been talking about including some games and silly stuff.
Sunday Seven:
Every Sunday there will be a list of 7 somethings. If you have comments on it or ideas for other Sunday Seven Features, Please comment at the bottom of the blog.
Tuesday Twist:
Every Tuesday, there will be a twist of letters that represent a movie. It is most likely one in my collection of DVD's, but not always. For ex: it could be::: biik llll:::: Meaning those letters can be rearranged into two words that are 4 letters long, and the answer would be Kill Bill. You can put your guess or comments or both in the comments under that specific blog. Otherwise, you can wait until the following Tuesday when you will get the answer from me.
Waste Your Wednesday:
This is my favorite feature. Why be productive when you can waste your time like a pro. And I have allll the ways. And I willlll share. Check each Wednesday to see what I mean.
What am I even looking at?
On the left side is the actual blog. Meaning that it is where I will update you at least once a day. The cool thing is I can even update you from my phone including pictures. Cool, huh? Anyway, You can scroll down to see the ones before it. This means the top most blog is the newest, the bottom, the oldest. At the end, it will say "see old posts" or something like that, and that means that there are older ones to see. Click there to see more.
On the right side are features that more or less concern the blog or Spain. There are many things that you might like to check out!!! For examples:
1. Links to our picture site, my storybook site, and a cast of characters in case you do not know who each person I mention is to me personally.
2. Shout Box: you can leave your name and a message to say something short. Tell me hi or what you think of the site.
3. "Learn about Spain with me" is a wonderful feature. It is a list of links for you to learn about each subject there. If you have an idea for a new link, please email it to me at my yahoo address.
4. Then there is the time and weather in Rota.
5. Then you can learn a spanish phrase of the day.
6. As if spanish was not scary enough, there is a table for the scary metric system. Those crazy Europeans!!
Each post I write (or anyone writes) will have a label or more. So if you only want to read about John, click the John label and it will give you only those posts. There are many posts and it will tell you how many of each there are next to it.
8. After POSTS are BLOG ARCHIVES which is a sort of table of contents arranged by date.
9. Then there are the Quotes of the day. JK Rowling is the author of Harry Potter of which both John and I read.
Bottom Of The Blog!!
These are things that concern me or John personally as opposed to the blog or general Spainish info.
(1)John's Soccer Scores- I will keep this updated as he has games.
(2)A list of links on how to be me!!
These will give you a clue as to what I do with my time. For Ex. Click on DO YOGA, and it will take you to a site to learn more about yoga. Click on COOK and it will take you to the Food Network Site to get recipes. You get the idea.
(3)Blogs that I check with regularity.
(4)Catster/Dogster links to the webpages of the kids.
There are also videos, book links, and such.
REMEMBER: You can leave a comment at the bottom of any blog- PLEASE DO!
Also, you have my permission to send this site to anyone else that you think might be interested. The site you would send is http://jenn-in-spain.blogspot.com
New Feature: to the right is a blogirythm box
where you can give your email and they will notify you when I post something new,
since I know you are just dying to know what the next post will be!!
New in the bottome section:
are a bunch of books from my personal library.
It is from a site that is very cool.
You can find other people whose library is close to yours- same interests.
New to the bottom of the blog is a list of blogs that I check fairly often. Charmed Photography is Jess's new business!!
On the right, near the top, is a search box where you can type in anything, and it will search for posts in my blog that mention it.
Type you name, a holiday, or something you are interested in. See what comes up.

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