Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Think you know what a tortilla is?

In Spain it is not the flour or corn thing outside of a burrito. It is an egg and potato omlette that is a popular tapa (appatizer or bar food).

I have made them before, and this one is my favorite. It is made with carrot and zucchini, because I like the color, but you can replace those with red pepper and garlic or peas and asparagus or any combo you like.

Tortilla Espana

1 large russet potato, chopped

1 large carrot, chopped

1 small zucchini, chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 medium onion, chopped


5 eggs

1. Steam potato, carrot, zucchini until crisp.

2. Heat oil, saute onions until getting color. Stir in steamed veggies.

3. Beat eggs with salt and pepper thoroughly and pour in with potatoes, stir once, tilt pan to spread evenly. Turn heat to low. Cover, cook 10-15 minutes, until eggs start to set. Meanwhile, preheat broiler.

4. Finish 2-3 minutes in broiler. Allow to cool to room temperature. Cut into wedges. Serve with salsa to dip or spread over top.

4-8 servings

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