Saturday, November 3, 2007

Colorado Vacation- Part 1

I made it here night before last (even if my luggage did not). I gave my seat up on a full flight and was able to switch to a nonstop flight (instead of a 5 hour layover in Vegas) AND got a $200 voucher for another flight. And my luggage came yesterday- whew!
Cole is doing so much more now than the last time I saw him (Easter). He is walking great, and he sings and dances. He is still pretty unsure about whether I am going to hurt him or not, but I seem to interest him also. He jumps a mile everytime I yell, laugh, but he does not cry and I can pick him up without fuss, so we seem to be getting along fine. Yesterday, I told Nessa I wanted to hold him as much as possible, so he would remember me when I get back from Spain. I said that way he could recognize my smell. She said that cats do that, not babies. I asked if that meant cats were smarter than her baby. She then tried to run me down with a shopping cart.
Nessa and I went out last night. Considering we are in the sticks, we found a couple nice places to chill, have drinks, and play those video-bar-games. Nessa complained that it is too hard here to feel dressed up in the winter, because you have to wear so many layers of clothes (it was freezing-literally), but we looked cute in the end.
Steffy looks SO cute! She is 6 months along and is as slightly built as ever except for this perfectly round belly.
We also got some great news yetserday! Ernie just got a new job! He will now be working here in town. No more truck-driving or being gone most of the week! Yay!
Now for what you really want to know:
Enigma LOVES it here. He loves all the activity and he gets along fine with all the dogs. I have to be careful letting him outside, because there a lot of birds of prey here that could get him before I even know what happened. Also, I don not know if it is the altitude or dry air, but whatever makes it so hard for me to breathe here, makes him stop all that gagging and coughing. Wierd, huh?
TONIGHT Nessa and I go to Denver to see the Avalanche play Vancouver!! I have not been to a hockey game in forever! Go Avs!
My phone is almost dead, but I hope to have pictures for you soon!

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