Saturday, November 10, 2007

Colorado Vacation- Part 2

Tomarrow, Nino and I are going back to the Denver Art Museum. This time we are bringing Grandma. I think she will love it as well. Click HERE to see the show we are seeing again.

It has been nice spending time with everyone. Nessa and I went out again last night and played pool with Mom. Mom was getting more attention than I was! Mostly in the evenings we play games: Taboo or poker usually. Steffy is quite the shark.

Mom playing Pool at the Local Watering Hole

Next week, we are going to the property in the mountains for 2 nights, so I really hope there is no snow, because they do not drive up in the snow! I have not seen the house since it has been finished. Click HERE to see pics I took last year of the property. It is so pretty! Also, next week is Ernie's birthday!

Cole and Nima Sharing a Swing and a Scarf


Cara said...

That scarf sharing pic is too cute! Give everyone hugs from us!

Jenn here: said...

We usually have to keep them apart, because you know how snippy Enigma gets around kids.
Everyone misses you guys!