Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday Seven

Cole was under the weather yesterday, so Nessa could not go to Denver. Nino came with me instead. It was his first hockey game. I was just excited to see some of the players that I have not seen in Anaheim, although it felt wierd cheering for another team! We stayed the night in Denver and went to the Denver Art Museum the next day. All our fun inspired this next Sunday Seven. Sorry it's late!

At the Hockey Game

Sunday Seven List of Reasons to Visit Denver

1. It is relatively clean and safe- especially compared to DC or LA.

2. Traffic and parking were not a problem, and it was not hard to get around. We never really got lost, although we had some trouble finding the Pepsi Center. Really. How hard is it to see a Stadium!

3. The leaves change and fall off, and it snows! Seasons! Cities look gorgeous changing in the seasons. I think that was DC's only saving grace.

4. The Avalanche are a good team, and the fans are even better. The stadium was fuller and louder than most of the Ducks games I have been to. And the Avs lost!

The Avalanche from our seats

5. The Denver Art Museum is the best museum I have been to so far. Smaller than LACMA, it is two buildings with gardens and large sculptures in the courtyards. It was pretty easy to find what we wanted and they had a ton of interactive games and things to do. Also, it is located downtown right next to the state capital buildings and park, which made for a pretty walk.

Nino playing dress up at the Museum

6. You are only two hours away from the fantastic city of Pueblo West (where my family is)!

7. I had a wonderful time and I want to go back to do some of the things that we did not have time for this trip. I really want to go back to the Museum as well. They are having a show of paintings, drawings, furniture, and treasures on loan from The Louvre that were once housed in Versailles. That is all right up my alley. There is also a big amusement park right next to the stadium, but it was closed for the winter.

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