Monday, December 3, 2007

Bishop's Castle Video

Sorry these are so out of order. But videos take forever to load up here, and I really think it is funny. I hope you checked out the site I posted on the castle, so you can see how big and crazy it is. Like I said though, you just have to see it to really know how crazy it is. John was utterly unthrilled with Nino and I going up into the big steel ball. Then we crossed a bridge to a tower that was new. I had been there a week or so before and it had not been there. It is so random how it grows.
Without further ado, here is the video, John took. FYI: what I am throwing at him is snow. He was pretty worried as you can tell by his narration.


Cara said...

John MUST take more videos of you! His commentary is the best ever!

Jenn here: said...

Haha! He was so worried about us and our very lives. I got a lil scared near the end on that tower. There was no railing there and there were holes with steel wires coming out and snow over the whole thing, making hard to kow where to step. Yikes! Did I really do that?