Saturday, December 8, 2007


The movers came today and took all of our stuff. We have our laptops, some movies, clothes, and odds and ends, and an airmattress until we leave. It is also all we will have until our stuff comes to Spain which will take at least a couple months.

Also, Mom called me today to say that Alex (the Corgi) will have to be put to sleep. She was bitten by a black widow spider they think. She went into siezures. She was so much fun while I was there. She was by far my favorite dog there. I will miss her. And so will Cole. They were major pals.


Anonymous said...

Have faith. It only took our stuff 7 weeks to make it Japan and it traveled about the same distance. Hopefully it won't take your stuff to long.

And I'm so sorry about Alex. I can't believe that.

Cara said...

Now you guys can play some freaky game of homeless man and the defenseless lady walking down the street...or am I the only one who thinks of things like that...hhhuuummmmmmm..... hehe