Thursday, January 17, 2008

Colorado News

Extra Extra Here is the latest:

Mom has a new job!! She is working at a drug clinic doing what she did in CA. But the hours are way better. They are from 6am to 2 pm. She bought a whole buch of new, cute scrubs. It seems to be going pretty well. She has gotten out at noon a couple of times too.

Steffy has less than 1 month to go before she has the baby. It is a girl, and they have the name Emily picked out, but so many moms change it after they have the baby, so we will see. She is inducing labor on Feb 11th, because all her family is coming out to see her be born!

Clayton is working at Mission Company, so he brings home tons of chips and pork rines and snacks. We love him!!! He doesn't usually come home until 11PM or so.

Nino started the new semester, but he is only taking one class. A night class. He says that he cannot take any of the other classes until he takes this one. He and I have been lil night owls and have been getting up VERY late in the day. My excuse is that I am on Spain time. Haha!

Ernie has a job that gets him up very early in the morning, so I only see him for a lil while in the evening. He is usually in bed by 8:30.

Grandma is still doing her Red Hat meetings and she invited me to the next one. But because I am under 50 years old, I have to wear a pink hat!! Won't I look just fantastic in a PINK hat!! But I am excited to go.

Nessa has an interview for a job that will pay her to go to school for 9 months before she works. So we are wishing her luck on that one. She also has been seeing a guy named Stan for a while now. I introduced them last time I was here. I just thought he was cute, but he turned out to be a really cool guy. He works for the prison here, but on the side, he does the sound for concerts, so Nessa has been able to go backstage at a few concerts here. Next week there is a music festival at the art center here. She will be going to that as well. Click HERE to see his website. But has no pictures of himself on there. Never fear:
Nessa and Stan:

They are threatening us with more snow, and it is COLD, but I have not seen a flurry since a last week. I hopeit does not all come at once, I wanted to go to Grandma's property in the mountains this weekend, but the roads may close for the weather.

All us kids went to dinner a few nights ago. We have had some fun nights of snacks and games. Clay works late into the night now, though, so we have to wait for when he is feeling perky.

Clay and Steffy

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