Friday, February 1, 2008

Democratic Debate

Did anyone catch the Democratic debate between Obama and Clinton tonight. Lucky for me, Ernie had it on, so I only missed the beginning.
Is it the last one???
The reporters said they differ on Iraq and healthcare.

I missed the healthcare part, but I heard later how they differed. He wants lower prices for HC, and of course Clinton wants "world healthcare".

Iraq was pretty much the same thing, only he has a deadline date.

I was a lil diappointed. I was looking for more differences between the 2 that were important. But I did notice that Obama seemed to come out swinging a lil more.
Grandma lamented that it was horrible in "This America" today there is no one who really "stands out!" Mom said no one has since she started voting.
I said that was not true! Ross Perot stood out! I mean I did not want him for prez, but admit it, he did stand out (well his ears did)!

I hope they are on the same ticket. Nobody can beat that.


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