Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do I look American in this?

Dressing for Spain.

Spaniards are considered to be more formal than other Europeans in both attitude and dress, which makes them doubley more formal than us Californians.

Even if it is Summer, strapless tops for women and collarless t-shirts for men are not considered “appropriate” anywhere off base.

According to my Spain Culture Shock! book, even when Spaniards are dressed informally, they are “usually immaculately turned out.”

Also from the book is the following true story.

A man went to the custom’s office, which is notorious for being slow, he did not have an appointment, but he was brought ahead of two other men waiting in the lobby. When he asked why, they told him, “If these people do not have the courtesy to dress in a respectful manner, they can wait all day.” They considered the shorts and sandals worn by the other 2 men as insulting!

Of course, we are on the coast, and it is a more relaxed atmosphere there, especially in the Summer when there are lots of tourists, but being Americans living in the country, we will have to make sure to make a good impression.

Which means I have a lot of shopping to do- Oh Darn!


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