Saturday, February 9, 2008

Emily Update

Today, I finally was able to hold Emily. I had her middle name spelled wrong before, so I need to correct that. Steffy looks great! She says she has some cramps and some tenderness from breastfeeding, but she is feeling great otherwise!
Clayton is so beside himself, all he can say is, "Have you seen her!!!!"
She looks so tiny compared to Cole, who no longer looks like a baby but the toddler that he is.
They said that Emily is actually bigger than Cole when he came home, and she was the biggest of the newborn at the hospital.
She really does seem to look ike Clayton- his eyes and nose and possibly his color. But she has Steffy's chin. Her hair is very dark and she has a lot of it on the back of her head.
I have not seen her eyes open yet, but Steffy said they are very dark blue.
Welcome home Emily K. Robertson!!!

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