Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tails from Atlanta

What an airport! The biggest/busiest I have seen maybe.
In one section, I went on the 2nd story to sit and look over a large courtyard. It did not look real. It just looked like the background of a movie set where some people walk by, some stand in groups and talk, and some meet in the middle, smile, talk and part. So wierd. It looked choreographed. Everyone was evenly spaced and pleasently arranged. I could not hear a thing from where I was, so it looked like they were really not not talking- only mouthing greetings and words through fixed smiles so as not to talk over the main dialog of the movie.
Hmm. Maybe it was the 2 hours of crappy sleep I have had in the last 2 days.
Enigma has made lots of friends though. A little girl who loves smalls dogs almost as much as she loves to talk played with him for a while. She had what I would swear was an Australian accent, but she was on her way to Germany with her family from Georgia (no accent). Did I dream her?
Now, I know it was the lack of sleep.
Then, twin boys, maybe 3 years old, ran up to him and told him over and over that he was a cat. I kept saying, "dog", and one twin got especially sure of himself and screamed, "CAAAAAT!!!!" at both of us.
Now I could use that sleep.
But I don't feel sleepy. I ate, and now I sick. I have 3 more hours here, and then an 8 hour flight. I hope to sleep some on that flight. Nima wories me as he drinks a lot, but will not use the peepads. He loved them when Kiki had them. Now he looks at me like I'm crazy.
I'm not crazy, Nima. Just sleep deprived.
Oh, Nima also made a friend from Finland, and for the life of me, (even though I was learning all that Finnish a few months a go) I could not remember how to say in her native toungue: "Stop, my dog will eat your baby!"

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