Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Update on CO news:Steffy in hospital

Steffy went to her Dr appointment today. They sent her to the hospital saying that she would probably have the baby tonight.
However, she has not dialated more (I think she is still at 4). They said they might induce her tonight, because it was Steffy's plan to induce on Feb 11.
Her mom is on her way now, she is flying in from CA tomarrow morning.
Now, they are waiting some more. Trying to decide if they want to send her home.
I know 1st babies are slow coming usually, but tonight we are expecting a big amount of snow. That would not be fun hurried drive through snow and ice tomarrow if they send her home tonight. Grandma said the hospital is about 30 minutes away.
Nessa, Mom and Ernie are there with her and Clayton. Nino stayed for a while, but then he had a date. Grandma, Cole, and I stayed behind and had pizza! Woohoo!
Update: Nessa just came home and said Steffy is staying overnight,
because her bloodpressure is high.
She will most likely have the baby tomarrow.
Good Luck Steffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also- as a post script: Nessa and Stan broke-up.
No biggie, no drama, just no more Stan.


Anonymous said...

Keeping her in my thoughts. I hope all goes smoothly for her tomorrow. Update when you can

Jenn here: said...

She did it! Yay.