Friday, February 29, 2008

The wait is over!

Estoy en Espana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday was a very rough day, my second whole day of sitting in an airport.
Only this time, it was in Madrid, and I was dissapointed that I was so very tired and sore, that I could not enjoy the airport more.
From what I saw (and remember), it was huge and had more shopping than any other airport I have seen. It had tons of different stores. Many were in English.
Only, I had no Euro, so I could not do any shopping.
John and I got home (HOME!) last night around 11 or so.
My luggage did not come in with my flight, but they called this morning to say that it came in, so we will go tomarrow to pick it up.
The dog did OK. He refused to eat or potty the whole 2 day travel experience, but he is fine now. That is just his way of protesting the long travel time.
He is more than fine, actually, as we have this huge yard, and I can just open the back door and let him out. It was sunny and warm this afternoon, and there are lil yellow and purple flowers in the grass.
Nima looked so cute exploring his yard.
John and I went grocery shopping today. It was nearly $300.
That is what happens when you have an empty house! It was so nice to get back to shopping in a commissary again. The prices are fantastic (except chicken), but also, I had gotten used to certain brands in Maryland that I could not get in California that I can get here!
However, the produce is pretty sad there, but John said that there is a Rota local who comes on base in a truck and sells fruit and veggies. How cool is that?
Farmer's market on wheels!!
I cannot wait to ask him where I can get happy chicken eggs. (Most of you know, I hate regular white eggs from abused chickens.)
The eggs in the commissary are from Danish chickens!! Haha! They must cluck funny. Like with the lil dots over the u in cluck. Haha.
Anyway, today I was so sore from sitting on airport floors and sleeping in funny airplane positions. I am taking ibuprofin, but it does not help much.
YIKES, I did not know there was anything ibuprofin could not cure! So I took a hot bath this afternnon and fell asleep after that. I did not want to, because I want to get on a normal sleep schedule here (even though John is not- he is working nights now).
Last night, I went to sleep at 2 and woke up at 5. All perky and wanting to play with my new house. So I did! Then I crashed so hard this afternoon, I hope I can get to sleep tonight.
The story of my life!
The base here is so pretty. It has tons of trees and we are close to the water. There are lots of bunnies as well. I hope they stay out of my yard. I am excited to get started on a garden. Right away. I want some plants in the ground, but there is so much patio space, it is just begging to have a bunch of potted plants as well.
Tomarrow, John and I are going to pick up my luggage and look at paint for the livingroom. If all goes well, we should have our normal furniture next week. I do not like the loaner furniture, and I am excited to see what will fit where.
The living/diningroom is going to take some creative placement, as it is so small. The kitchen is soooooooooooo big and beautiful. I love it in there.
I call it my room!
This is the first time I have ever had a pantry! And a deep freezer. It is completely empty right now, but that will have to change. I have to fill it with ham!!!
I cannot wait to start sending pictures, but of course, I packed my camera.
(I was finally able to return the broken camera. But, naturally, when I took it in to return it, it was working!)
Today, I went to get my Spanish ID card. After I take the class all people take when they come on base to learn about the country (called ICR for InterCultural Relations), I will have a Spainish driver's license as well. Then, I have to get a different license to drive my Vespa, which I cannot wait to get.
Well, that should catch you up. Sorry I missed the Waste Your Wednesday feature, but I was too busy wasting my Wednesday in Atlanta.

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