Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ducks Going to Playoffs Again

It's official. With their shoot out win over the LA Kings last night, the Ducks are going to the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive season.
Only now we are the Defending Stanley Cup Champoins, fighting to keep the cup!
We have Scott and Teemu back, and we have an amazing rooky goalie from Switzerland. We do not have the crazy numbers we did last year, but I think that is better. They know they have to fight a lil harder.
Supposedly, once again, we are supposed to be all fearful of the San Jose Sharks. Ooooh, they are great again this year, blah blah. I hate that team. They are so over-rated, and the Ducks are definately the better team.
However, in the playoffs, there can be upsets, and if San Jose goes forward, and we don't, I will concider that an upset! I would be the only one, but I don't care.
So get out your jersey and duck whistle. The post season is coming!

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