Saturday, March 1, 2008

Settling in

was so beautiful! The sun was shining while John
and I drove back to the airport to get my luggage.
When I came in, it was night, so it was fun to see the town during the day.
Most of it is huge tracks of bright green land.
They must be some kind of crop, but I do not know what.
I also saw some some gorgeous houses, and I saw one for sale. Hehehehe!
we went shopping at this MEGA MEGA store that makes Target and Walmart look rediculous. It is huge, but the selection of some things is limited, since they have EVERYTHING!!!!
One thing that was not limited all was the food selection. They have a bakery, meats, and ROWS and ROWS of hams and cheeses. I kid you not!!!
I just wanted to sit down and cry, it was so beautiful.
the produce was much nicer there than the commissary.
I bought stuff to make chicken soup. I have never made chicken soup before. Some of the veggies are still a mystery to me, since all the signs are in Spanish. It is cooking now and smells wonderful, so I think I am safe.
I also
bought a bunch of lilly bulbs. I planted them in the backyard today. I have never planted flowers before, so wish them luck. We have a bunch of flowers in the front yard that were here when we moved in, so I think I will leave those.
Nima met our neighbors: 2 Beagle dogs. The owner keeps shock collars on them, so there is no barking. I am happy not to have to hear them, but now I am just praying that Nima does not bark too much while we are gone. We do not share any walls with them (just the carport), so I think we will be OK.
is a drive-in movie on base. I really want to go, but John is working nights for the next 2 months. He has 3 months on days, then 3 months on nights, and back again. I like that much better than in Maryland where it changed every month.
It seemed like just as your body got used to the schedule, it changed!
I wanted
to get paint for the livingroom today, but it will have to wait. The Navy forgot to start taking taxes out of John's check again (because it was taxfree while he lived in Bahrain), so they took Jan and Feb's taxes out of this last check-OUCH!
I sent
out emails with my new address and phone number
(it is a 714 California number), so if you did not get it, please email me.

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