Monday, March 10, 2008

Sun, Apples, & School

Lancelot playing with his food before he eats it!!

Nothing but unpacking and cleaning went on this weekend. Our TV does not work, so we will need it replaced.

Fortunately, we will get our money back for the TV.

Unfortunately, John wants to replace our $300 TV with a $2500 TV.
Today was a cold windy day. The sun never came out. I noticed that Yahoo weather said Honolulu and Pueblo were also partly cloudy today, so I do not feel so bad.
Unpacking has just been loads of fun- not really. We have one room full of boxes to the ceiling. The movers did not do a very good job with the packing. Most of the boxes do not say what is actually in them. All the bedroom boxes say Master Bedroom regardless of which bedroom they came from.
AND the this morning,

I just unpacked 3 individually wrapped apples!!!!

Yeah, they were not smelling so good after 2 months.
Today and tomarrow are all paperwork days.
Tomarrow, I sign up for my first "upper level" class. I have about 12 classes left until my degree. I am taking classes at the University of Maryland,
which has some face-to-face classes here on the base and some online classes. They do not offer an Art History Degree exactly, but they DO offer a general studies major with "an emphasis on Art History".

Good enough for me. I just want to finish, so I can start working in my field, then start on my masters.

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