Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Seven

Or Monday Seven, if you will.

This week is the Monday Seven List of Did Ya Knows
Did ya know:
1) I start school tomarrow night?
2) Rota is infested with Magpie birds and rollypolly bugs (or is that just my house)?
3) Third and fifth gear can be (and by me ARE) used interchangably?
4) I have over 1000 hits on my blog and have two comments by strangers who were interested in a post?
5) Hockey's regular season is almost over?
6) I hoed a big circle in my backyard for an herb garden (the herbs go in tomarrow-yay) and have the blisters to prove it (I am hard core when it come to gardening-haha)?
7) Nima has an appointment tomarrow for his breathing problems (wish us luck)?
Well, now ya know!

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