Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story

A few nights ago, John and I saw Walk Hard.

It is a spoof of Walk the Line. I think I was the only one in the theater that had seen Walk the Line, because I was practically rolling on the floor with laughter at the jokes which seemed to go over everyone else's heads. Even John's. He has not seen that movie either, so he kept asking me why things were funny. It is a very silly, Will Farrel-type movie.

It stars the actor who played the best friend (Cal) in Talladega Nights. He was hilarious in both movies. But he also sang quite a bit in Walk Hard, which is not surprising since he also played Roxi's hubby in Chicago and sang the very heartbreaking solo, Mister Cellophane.

I thought the funniest scene of the movie by far was when Dewey (main character) goes to India and meets the Beatles. They are obviously during their phase of loathing eachother.
So they are at eachother's throats. It is so hilarious!!!
The best line from that scene is when John Lennon asks Paul McCartney (played by Jack Black of all people),
"I wonder if your songs will still be shit when I am sixty-four!"

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