Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Enigma Has a Big Heart

Well an overworked one that has blood backing up one side which may be pushing on his trachea.
Nima went to the veterinarian yesterday. They said that they agree with the Colorado Dr; he has heart problems. I had his xrays from the California vet on CD for them.
Both an Army vet and a civilian Spanish vet saw him. They said that his condition is not very bad looking according to the xrays, eventhough I told them that he coughs and gags all night. They also said his condition is very common and even expected in a dog of his breed, size, and age.
They gave me some pills he has to take twice a day. They are going to see him pretty regularly for a while to decide how to adjust the medication, and if it does not work, then he will have to go offbase to have his heart tested in all kinds of technical ways.
So, hope with me that these pills will help his breathing.


Cara said...

Awwww....well, at least you know what it is now. I will keep him in my thoughts and send healing doggy energy his way!

Jenn here: said...

Thanks Cara!!