Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thanks guys! I know you helped in your way or another.
The Ducks have come back against the measley lil Stars and shown them once again who be their daddy !!
The Playoffs are best of 7 games.
As it stands Ducks 1, Stars 2.
The next Game is Apr 17, PM CA time.
If we win, we are tied. If we lose, we are one game short of ELMINATION.
Don't forget, we ARE the Defending Stanley Cup Champions!
Let's Go Ducks!
BTW, I can watch games that are shown on Vs (the channel).
Last night I watched Phili pound the Caps,
in order to see some Duckie highlights during the commercial breaks!
That was at 4AM!
Constant Vigilence! It's the only way!

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Cara said...

Isn't it crazy that you live in another country & are able to see Ducks games, but I live only 2 COUNTIES away from Anaheim and I can't see the games! Humpf!