Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who needs Hollywood?

Have you seen any of Spain's films?
There is a huge movie theater in the town of Puerto near us. I promised John that I would NOT be asking him every 5 minutes what was going on if we went. I am sure I can figure enough out just by faces and voices. I did grow up watching Spanish Novelas after all.
Until then,
I have only seen two Spanish films:

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

If you see this subtitled movie anywhere, please let me know. I saw it years ago and it is hilarious. It is that old story of a normal everyday woman who does something out of the ordinary and all this comedic drama tumbles down on her. I also remember that a very young Antonio Bandares is in it. It was really funny.

Pan's Labrynth

This movie is a lil hard to watch at first. But I loved it right off. It is a very dark fairytale told with the backdrop -just after the Spanish civil war. The little girl and her fairies unfold their story right along side a rebellion, torture, murder, corruption, and just plain evil. This one I have on DVD.

Any Spanish movie reviews to add??

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