Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Info on Rota

I can't believe this. Why could I not find this much information before I got here?
Anyway, this is some info from a site on Rota.
It is a great site, and it has many pictures of stuff I know. Of course some of it should look familiar to you after seeing my pictures.
See the whole site HERE.
Rota has become a popular tourist center with its beautiful beaches and proximity to the sherry wine centers of Jerez and Sanlúcar as well as the historically important towns of Cadiz and Puerto de Santa Maria, Medina Sedonia, etc
Rota was founded by the Phoenicians about the same time as they founded Cádiz. They called it: ASTAROTH. And they were of the TARTESIAN empire.
When the Romans came, they called it: SPECULUM ROTAE.
When the Moors came they named it: RABITA RUTTA and it is from there that Rota got it's president day name of Rota.
The city of Rota, because its coastal situation, has been a passage for various cultures and civilization such as Tartesics. Romans, Arabs and finally the Christians conquest, who gave Sancho IV "The Brave" gave the city to Mr. Alonso Perez of Guzman "The Good" who gave it later to his daughter Isabel as a wedding present when she married Mr. Fermin Ponce de Le6n, Maestre of Alcantara and First Lord of Marchena. In 1780 the XIth Duke of Arcos died without succession and the city was taken by the Duke of Osuna. In 1823 this lordship was abolished.
Rota offers a wide program of festivities such a Carnival (February), Holy Week (April), Spring Fair (May), Urta Festival (August), the Patron Saint Festivities (October).

Parish Church "Nuestra Señora de la O" -
In the XVIth century, Rodrigo Ponce de León, Lord of Rota. Duke of Arcos and First Marquis of Cadiz decides to build a temple in honor of "Nuestra Senora de la Expectación", with a notable decoration, conjunction and highly impressive different styles: Gothic, Isabelline, Plateresque and Baroque.

Luna Castle-
This castle was built on an ancient Moslem "Ribat" from the Xlllth century. The ground floor is a rectangle with five towers. In summer cultural activities are held in its interior.

Merced Tower-
This tower is all that remains of the ancient Merced Convent, which was built in 1600 and destroyed by a hurricane in 1722. Later was rebuilt with the same form and decoration: the second floor is covered with a blue and white glazed tiles.
(See my picture site for my pics of these places.)

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