Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One semester down.

Today I turn in my 15 page research report in Business Writing. This has been a very fun class. I love English classes, but this particular kind of writing is so useful. It is not like learning geometry formulas.
In the beginning we had to make up a business. I made up a museum. Every assignment we did in the class had to do with our business. So each time, I had a writing assignment, before I could even start the assignment itself, I had to research some aspect or other about the business workings of a museum. To say the least, I have learned a ton about museum business.
It made the class very personal for each of us- who picked a business we want to work in after school. It was also very motivating. The teacher was great too, but he is moving on to Italy. I also took a library course that is mandatory for this school.
During summer, I will be trying my hand at online classes!!! I am scared!! I took one once, and did not like it, and I ended up dropping the class. I never knew what I was supposed to be doing. I hope this school is easier to navigate. I will be taking philosophy of art and possibly an American Art history class.
Wish me luck!

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