Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Running with Lance Armstrong

I love my Lance Armstrong music/fitness coaching CD I got from iTunes.
It's called Run Longer. It is only 40 minutes, but you are supposed to run the whole time- Ha, no can do. It is an 8 minute warm up, then faster for 4 minutes, slower for 4 minutes (you do that 4 times), then a short coll down. I have to walk the slow parts and run the fast ones. I will get better.
Lance Armstrong tells you when to go fast and slow, and he says things like:
Remember this isn't supposed to be easy.
Pain is temporary; quitting is forever.
(& my fav) Winning is about heart- not just legs.
I am still logging in my progress HERE.
Soon I will be off for my run. They are only about 3.5 miles. When I do my walk it is closer to 6 miles.

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