Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brother Woes

Lancelot and his new buddy, Mago, are not exactly brother yet. BUT they will be!! Hehe. I have been getting a lot advice on how best to introduce them, so that Moo does not attack and kill Mago! They say that we need to do all of the very slowly. Which sucks, because tthat means Mago still is in the laundry room. When Moo goes outside or to bed, then I let Mago out for a lil while, but I hope the day comes soon that he is out for good.
According to the advice, I switched some towels and blankets, Lancelot slept and rolled on them.Then last night, we moved his food to Mago's door. He did not like it at first, but now he is fine. Earlier yesterday, He was on his leash outside, and I let Mago out in the livingroom, and they met through the screen. Lancelot hissed a lot, then I went out and petted him. Then he just ignored Mago and rolled around (his normal behavior).
We moved Mago, and let Lancelot in Mago's room. He was not happy about that, but he sniffed around- the catbox and beds.Finally, we put Mago in the carrier on the ground and Lancelot sat on top of the washing machine and growled and hissed repeatedly. John said we should leave them alone to work it out. After an hour, we went back and Lancelot hadn't moved and still growled and hissed at Mago when he would move around in the carrier. Lancelot would play too on top of the machine with catnip puffballs and string, but he would still hiss every now and then.I let Mago out with John and I between them. Lancelot never moved from his perch on the washing machine, and Mago went about his normal business: cautiously sniffing around and playing. Lancelot repeatedly growled and hissed. Never letting up. We were in there a while, but he would not stop. He did not seem mad at us, and Mago did not seem too bothered at Lancelot's behavior.
I hate keeping him locked up day and night in the laundry room. And I am very scared of Lancelot hurting Mago. But the people giving me advice have said that all is actually going well. Moo is just telling Mago who is boss. But sometimes he advances on Mago and that scares me.
Wish us luck.


Nino said...

wow new kitty, hope this one isn't exploited like a child beauty pagent contestant.

i saw a web site today that was nothing but pictures of cats in sinks. i figured you might have had something to do with that.

Sharon said...

Your friend Nino is funny : )

Well of course you have to parade Mago out and about, like the handsome guy he is! Eventually he and Lancelot will make some headroom in the friend department.

And by the way Nino, there's a picture of my cats sleeping in the sink on my blog slideshow. Just thought you would want to know.

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Anonymous said...

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