Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Teemu Rumor

Just when you though all I had to say about hockey was over.

HERE is an excellent article on how amazing our GM, Brian Burke, is. Everyone knows he's amazing. Well except people in Orange County. And considering the Maple Leafs were thinking of taking him away from us, we should show a lil more love. Take a look at it.

In that article is something called the "Teemu Rumor". Have you heard it?

Teemu has been contiplating retirement. He said his Stanley Cup year would be his last, but then he came in VERY late last season. Now, Burke says he will not have that luxery. He either starts with the team or can't come back. Good decision, if you ask me. But here is what the article said:

Teemu in Montreal?

If the Ducks won't allow Selanne to play another short season, would another team extend him the courtesy? There's been buzz before linking the Finnish Flash to the Canadiens, primarily because of his relationship with Saku Koivu, and there's again a discernible hum suggesting that Selanne is interested in closing out his career in La Belle Province. The 38-year-old appears to have a little something left after scoring 26 points in 23 games with Anaheim last season, but it's hard to believe GM Bob Gainey would grant him the latitude to pick his own start date. It'd be fun to see vets Selanne and Koivu line up together in the NHL, but classify this rumor as a longshot.

Long shot indeed. I am gonna have to say no freakin way on that one. What do you think? PS~ I only hope I am back in the states when they retire his number in Anaheim! How cool will THAT be??? *swoon*


Cara said...

I'll be right there in the seat next to you!

Jenn here: said...

Totally!!! It's a date!