Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today's Thoughts

Well, the kitties are getting along better. Moo even tried to play with Mago this afternoon, but Mago wouldn't run so Moo could chase him. Wonder Why??? (hehe)
Mago has his first vet appointment on Friday along with Nima who needs his heart listened to again. He has been doing ok. He can sleep ok at night, but he still snores really loud and has attacks through out the day.
John and I have more than grown out of our DVD case. We have enough to fill 2 cases like the one we have. I like to have movies and seasons of some things, but I hate to have them displayed- like books. They are not as cool looking as books. They just look like clutter to me. I would love to throw the lot of them in a closet, but that's impossible, as I seem to do that with everything else, and all the closets are full.
I was sitting on the lawn today and smelling my backyard: lilies and herbs. It smells so heavenly. I love it when Moo goes out to the garden and comes back smelling like Basil and Lavender!! I just want to stuff my face in his fur--something I don't recomend, by the way ;0)
Hope you are all enjoying Summer as well.

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Anonymous said...

You need these! I have them and I love them. They work great and actually look like books.