Friday, June 27, 2008

Vet Day

Today was Mago's first trip to the vet. He screamed bloody murder in the car. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it the whole 5 minutes to the vet.

He got 3 shots and a nail trim. He did great. He didn't even jump! The doctor kept saying how pretty he is.

Enigma had his heart listened to again. She said the murmer is still there, but as long as he is breathing better (because the enlarged heart presses on his trachea), then we will stick with the medication he is on. He does a lot better at night, but if he gets excited, he has his coughing/gagging fits. She said not to let him excited. (??????) And now he only needs to be seen every six months.

She said there are stronger pills he can go on in the future when his heart gets to big for these meds to work. Not looking forward to that. He is only 10!!

But for now, everybody is fat, dumb, and happy (as Grandma would say)!


Laura said...

There is nothing like a car ride with a crying cat to get your stress level up to its highest! I wish vets made house calls!

Sharon said...

I'm glad things went well, except for the screaming. lol! At least you only had to take two and not all three. I am also happy to hear Enigma is doing better.