Thursday, July 10, 2008

Garden Kitties

The kitties have a great time outside with eachother. They attack eachother's leashes, eat weeds, and chase bugs.

Even Enigma gets to play!

Panther Kitty stalks his prey.

Both of them love to roll on the patio, but Mago is the one who picks up all the dirt!

See all the photos HERE.


Laura said...

Wow, you have some good looking grass. We have so many weeds even when we put weed killer down. I know the cats love being outside - so cute to see them having fun!

Sharon said...

Looks like animal heaven to me! Even I'd like to roll in that grass. lol!

Sharon said...

After taking a closer look at the pictures I had to comment again. Lancelot is so beautiful! He really is! And Enigma . . . lol, that hair is a riot! Mago looks like he couldn't be happier rolling in the grass. He still has that kitten look in his eyes!

Your weather seems to be a lot like ours lately. Similar temperatures.

Jenn: said...

Laura: We just had new sod put down a couple months ago.

Sharon: Thanks, I think he is perfectly gorgeous too! I can't stop taking pictures of him. Have you seen his baby pics in the photoslide on his Catster page?