Monday, July 7, 2008

My Last Lily

From what I understand, I am supposed to seperate the bulbs? Does anyone have any info or a site for dummies they can share with me? These are the first flowers I have ever grown, and now they are just stalks.

Moo loves smelling flowers. He is like me. He heads straight for the herb garden and munches on some basil and sits and sniffs the lavender. It has been a trick or two keeping the herbs and lawn and front flower garden well watered. The heat is getting to us all!


Sharon said...

What a pretty Lily, Jenn! No, you don't have to separate the bulbs. I've grown Lillies for years and have never done a thing with them. They don't spread much. Occasionally you will get little tiny new plants started but that's nothing to worry about. Many of them don't seem to make it anyway.

Moo is so handsome!

Laura said...

What a cute picture of Lancelot sniffing the lily! I hardly ever get to see my lilies because the deer eat them! I agree with Sharon - you don't have to do anything to them!

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful lily, beautiful cat and the photo of the two together is just charming!