Friday, August 29, 2008

Catnip Garden

Before I could stop him, my gardner planted all new flowers in the front and back yard. I am fine with flowers in the front, but I prefer herbs in the back yard.

#1) I just like herbs better than flowers.
#2) Less bees where I sit.
#3) Less problems with the animals eating them.

I wanted to plant all catnip in the back flower garden. I have been looking for planta de gatos as it is known here, but can't find it. So I decided to start it from seed. I have never grown anything from seed in my life, but thought I would give it a try. I have some good luck here.

Well, now I have these tiny lil Catnip sprouts coming up! I love them!!! It is so rewarding to see plants thrive. They are in a place the cats do not go, so they are safe for now. I am hoping by the time these guys are ready to be planted, the flowers in the back will "mysteriously" die.


Laura said...

Before you know it, Jenn, you'll be wishing that you hadn't planted all that catnip - LOL/MOL! I know two kitties who will be so glad you did!

Jenn: said...

Yes, I have heard from many sources that Catnip can be dominating. That is why it is not going in the actual "herb garden." The flower garden is seperated from the herb garden by my new fluffy grass, so no chance of bullying. I actually want to start making my own catnip toys, since I use no chemicals or fertilzers or anything but Spanish sun and soil and good ol h2o. I would love to have a HUGE bed of it to harvest for drying.

Cara said...

I think you should consider putting the catnip in a container. It's part of the same family as peppermint & spearmint. They creep. They will take over the flower garden and more!

A New England Life said...

Funny but I was thinking the same thing ... it grows like wildfire! I did the same thing as you want to do Jenn, I dried and bagged it for the cats and they loved it!

How rewarding for you to grow something from seed. I see a woman who will become a seasoned gardener as the years pass : )