Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nima Problems

Enigma had to go to the Dr today.

He started a new medication for his heart, and they wanted to take another listen to his heart. Well, he usually sees the lady vet who is Spanish. But today he saw the American man vet. When he heard we were there, he said, "Is he still ticking?"

I was offended and suprised, but he was really surprised to hear that Enigma was still alive. I am sure of this, because he said it 2 more times!

Maybe he was trying to prepare me for what may be coming later, but Enigma is a happy doggie still! And I was shocked to hear that his time should have been up according to this dude!

I told the Dr that I was surprised to hear that, because I understood lil dogs to live "forever." The Dr said, "well, he is 10, and that is forever to a dog." Excuse me!?!? Maybe if you live on a farm where your dog is always outside or something! I mean my My grandma lives on a ranch and she has had dogs live to be 10 with never having been spayed, vaccinated, or anything!! I always figured Enigma, even with his problems, would live to be about 17.

I was kinda in shock, and as I was waiting to pay, a woman was saying that her cat had feline AIDS and had gotten away and was gone for 3 days. Then she finally found him, and the Dr said, (NO KIDDING), "So you think he just went away to die and get it over with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????"

The lady was kinda shocked, but he finally took the cat in to show her how to give him fluids, because he was not eating. He seemed like it just would have been better to have the cat pass away alone and in the elements!!!

I can't wait to go back there and ask where this Dr is from. Since we got home, Enigma has been barking at the neighbor dogs, running around, playing with his toys, eating, and generally being a happy dog.

I was worried, because he had lost a pound, which is a lot (he went from 8lb to 7lb). And the Dr said it may just be water weight and that's harmless. BUT ALSO when these dogs with these probelems get close to the end, they start wasting away. OK, so which is it? Harmless or on last leg?

I am so confused. And sad. And mad. And worried about that poor lady with the cat with Aids.

On a lighter note, this is Nima and Mago cuddling the other night!! It has been pretty chilly at night and Mago didn't see any reason why Nima should keep all that heat he produces to himself. Nima was not all that comfy with it though, as you can imagine. He is too used to Lancelot.


Laura said...

I read Lancelot's diary - what a jerky vet! Next time you'll have to make sure the lady is seeing you. He sure sounds insensitive! Don't worry too much about the one pound weight loss - give an extra little meal to get more weight back on!

LT said...

Hi Jenn,

I happened on your blog by chance.

I was just touched by the horrible service you received at the vet, please tell me this was not on base!!

If it is, please lodge a complaint, because no one should have to hear that from a Vet.

Especially when you are worried about your pet.

I'll have you know that I got a little dog in 1995 for my Mom and she is still alive and kicking.

Again I am so sorry for your bad experience.

Jenn: said...

I am going to start adding oils to his food. He is a nibbler, and he always has food available.
I am feeling a lil better today about it.

It was on base, and he was insensitive at best. Thanks for you sympathy. I really feel that Nima has lots of GOOD time left to live.

sillygrrl said...

Oh my, how did you not walk out? Or punch him? That behavior is not acceptable. You pay him, he should at least pretend to be concerned... I would complain about him for sure.
I am sorry you had to deal with a jerk like that. About the weight, is it possible he is a social eater? Try being with him and petting him, works with Sissy when she gets moody.

Cara said...

I agree that you should report the insensitive beast of a vet! And maybe wish him to fall and break something! Just my opinion! hehe

Jenn: said...

sillygirl: That is a greally great idea about Enimgma being a social eater. He often eats when we have dinner or when John is near his foodbowl in general. I just need to tell my work I need to have evening meals with my pup ;0)

Cara: He was at a race yesterday that I was helping with, and it was tough not to think of him falling down a pothole. Hehe.