Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Putting a spin on my workout.

Today I took my first spinning AKA indoor-cycling class.

There is a class coming up to teach people to be instructors. My work said they would put me through the class, but I need to take a couple classes to make sure I can do it.

I hate regular bike riding and I never liked the ones at the gym either, but these bikes are different. The class atmosphere is really fun! I loved it.

I am going to take a few more classes.

I have to.

See, the 1st time you spin, your bum HURTS! Apparently, you bruise your pelvic floor, because you do not know how to hold your weight in your legs yet. After the first few classes, the pain goes away. I even bought a gel slip to go over the seat, and it still feels like I sat down...from 6 stories up!

Now the first one is out of the way, I don't want to start all over.

We sort of tease the "spin people," because they are so dedicated (and a lil different). But I may soon be a convert.


Laura said...

Where do you spin? I have a friend who is living in Rota and doesn't know where to go to do anything! I've made it my mission to find her friends even though I'm in CA. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am about to move to Rota next month. This will be my first BIG move. I have been searching for info forever and I am so excited to find your site, especially getting a chance to see what Las Palmeras looks like! Any advise? -Kelli

Jenn: said...

the spin classes are at the gym. Does your friend have kids? That is the only part I don't know much about, because I don't have any. I have started a series of things to to do in Rota. I hope it helps.
Anyway, I work at the gym and my name is Jennifer. Tell her to come by and say HI!

Kelli- HI! How exciting! This is our first overseas move. When are you moving? Pets? Kids?
We had some probelems with the pets, but the move went OK. We had our pack out as early as possible, so we could get our stuff sooner. Also, how big is your car? A Big Americamn car is a nightmare off-base on super narrow roads. Are you married? If not, you don't have to live on base and the places off base are often furnished. E-mail me at innuendomio(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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