Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday Seven

Here is one you did not expect.

There is an info site on Spain that loves the country, but to be fair wanted to make a list of the what they didn't like about it! Keep in mind, these are stories from individual's vacations- not encompassing Spain as a whole.
And guess what! There are seven!

The Sunday Seven Very Worst Things About Spain:
7. Road Rage (I told you they are scary drivers!)
6. The Worst Desert Ever: Pig's Blood Crepes
5. Benidorm: A Very Touristy Resort Town
4. Uncomfortable Bus Rides
3. Ladies of the Night at All Times of the Day
2. Constant Construction in Barcelona
1. The Crumbling Town of Lleida

Click HERE and scroll down to read the stories that go with each one.
They are pretty funny. And the site's author has his/her own list as well.

Nobody's perfect!

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