Monday, October 22, 2007

Where on Earth are you going?

Sure you can Googlemap Rota, Spain, but you still may wonder what you are looking at, so here is the break down.

This is Europe:

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Between Portugal and France, is Spain. We are going to be very close to Portugal and pretty far from France. East of Spain is the mediteranean Sea, but we will be on the West, which is the Atlantic Coast. See how close we are to Morrocco, Africa?!?
Next, Spain is divided into Autonomous Regions:

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It is said that Spaniards feel more closely tied to their region than their country. For example, a person from Catolonia would call themselves Catalonian before Spanish. We will be in the Southern-most region of Andalucia. Here is a map of the Andalucian region:

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See on the Atlantic Ocean side, is the Costa de La Luz. That is where we will be. On the Mediteranean side, is the more popular Costa del Sol. That is where most of Europe vacations, and it is mostly resorts. Our coast is much less built up than that and a lil less touristy.

Next, Spain is devided into Provinces:

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The light blue is Andalucian provinces, and we will be in the Cadiz province, named for the small city near us.

This is a map of the Cadiz Province:

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Cadiz is in Red, and you can see Rota straight North from there. North of us is a large national park. Besides the Naval base, Rota is supposed to be a small fishing town. Tarifa, the southern most town, is the windsurfing capital of the world, and you can see Morrocco from the shores.

Don't forget to check the weather for Cadiz on the right hand side of the blog to see what our weather will be.

And I am putting a list of links to help you learn about the culture and country along with me!

Geography lesson over.

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