Saturday, December 1, 2007


Sorry I have MIA lately!! Sorry Cara!!!
It is true, that I have been busy since John came home and we got back to California. Today I got a new computer!! It is a little laptop tablet thingie. I am so excited, but it is still getting allprogramed up, so I cannot use it yet. I am going nuts. Then I can run around and blog from all over the place. I also got a new camera, so expect many more pictures soon. Video too.
Today we had to take Nima and Moo in to have their microchips implanted, because it is required for the move. I was sonervous about them getting hurt from that big needle, but they were fine!! Even Enigma did not cry.
I sure miss everyone in Colorado, because it was fun to have a standing game date with them.
I hope to get some pictures up soon, but I will be trying to figure out my new toy and that yucky windows Vista- yak! Oh, I also got the photoshop elements program for pictures. If anyone has it or knows any tricks, let me know!

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Mom2MaggieSue said...

Oh yeah a new computer! How much fun! And it´s about time you got a new camera. And I can help you with PSE. I use it all the time. Call me, I miss you!