Sunday, December 2, 2007

John in Colorado Part 1

John and I in Lake Isabel

While John was with us in Colorado, we took a lil trip to Lake Isabel and Bishop's Castle. they are not far, and Ernie, Mom, and Nino came as well.
Lake Isabel is very pretty this time of year with the snow and ice.
Bishop's Castle is a local oddity that you really have to see to believe. It is in the mountains, and the owner just started building out of rock and steel this castle. It is huge and full of stairs to climb high up into the air. However, it is not like anyplace built by a company. Lots of parts have no railing and the stairs are steep and small. Also, some windows and doors lead to nothing- just a big drop. The higher you go, the rickitier it is. John was not impressed with the construction and did not trust it enought to go too high. Although he did get some video to be uploaded later when I am better with this new contraption of mine.
Click HERE to learn more about the Castle.
Click HERE to see more photos of our trip.

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