Monday, November 19, 2007

Whispering Aspens Trip

We had a wonderful time at the property in the mountains, which Grandma named Whispering Aspens. We stayed 2 nights. It was relaxing and so gorgeous. You are so high up there, that you can see all around you.
The scenery is really breathtaking.
Cole went hiking with me and Grandma. He walks so well now! He hits his head on everything too. He is incapable of being careful. That is ok. It is good training for his budding hockey career.
He also hates open doors. He ran around the cabin, closing doors after him. We tried propping them open with something heavy, but he works at it and works at it, until he gets it closed.
Enigma loved the hiking too. He is a really good rock climber! He will not even try jumping onto the couch at home, but out there, he was like a mountain goat. I kept him on a leash the whole time he was outside though, because I was afraid of a large hawk or owl taking him away to eat him! He is not bigger than any of the rabbits out here.
As you can see by the pictures, he has also perfected his cheesey smile. Whenever he sees that you are taking his picture, he makes this smile now!

We also made a "horse" out of a rolling fold up bed, so Cole could "ride" it. Yes, it is dangerous, but it is so cute! Besides, Nessa is right behind him, ducked down, making sure he does not fall. We used to do this horse-out-of-roll-away-bed all the time when we were little at my Grandma Edna's house. We have tons of pictures of Nessa, me, Alicia, and Rodney on it.

Video of Cole of his horse:

Click HERE to see more pictures of Cole hiking and our time at Whispering Aspens.

One of the days, we took a trip to a nearby town called Cripple Creek. It is a gambling town with lots of casinos, but it is TINY- just a main street really. It used to be a great big mining town in the 1800's. There is a lot of history there, so that is what we went to see. Well, not Grandma; she loves to gamble. But we went to the historical museum and talked to a lady there that knew all the old, scandalous stories of the old days. Click HERE to see more pictures of Cripple Creek.

A painting from the historical museum.

Mom being naughty!

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