Monday, December 3, 2007

Sunday Seven

I have been on my couch almost continuously for the last 48 hours playing with my new computer. So, forgive me if I am a lil obsessed with it, and it has affected this week's list of:
Sunday Seven Reasons My Computer Rocks:
1. It is small. It is not as big as John's laptop. It is cuter and smaller and easier to schlepp around- so girly.
2. It has a cute friend. I got a lil external portable hard drive, and it is just as small and cute. I feel so important. Like I should be orchestrating a corporate takeover instead of loading pictures of my cat!!
3. I can write on it. It is a tablet, so the screen swivels around and folds down and it has a lil "pen" that I can write instead of type. It took a lil getting used to, but like I said, I have been putting in the time. Also,
4. It likes my handwriting- not yours! The more I write, the more it picks up how I write and it makes recognition easier. Last night, I wrote a ton of emails without ever having to type. The only thing I still have to master is spaces. It gets a lil vague with spaces.
5. Games are so cool! In the tablet form, with the pen, games like Mah Jong are so much more fun and quick. Also, so are things that you do a lot of clicking like deleating emails or loading pictures.
6. I really needed this thing! No really!! My desktop is a dinasaur and it has been intermittent at best with the internet. So it is nice to have a reliable toy. It will also be perfect for school.
7. I just got it, and there is so much more to learn about it and get for it. I have a lil wireless mouse, but I don't like it. It is not very precise. John and I are going out today (if I can pry my butt outta the couch) to get a lil purse for it. Hehehe. Assecories are fun!
Well, there you go. Sorry I have not been on the ball lately with the blog, but I will be now. Happy Sunday!

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