Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bumps on the Road to Spain

Houston, we have a problem. Well, several actually. Spain is doing all she can to keep us riffraff out! But we will not be detered!

John and the cat have had several delays and missed flights and now they are both in Newark, New Jersey. John is supposed to report for work tomarrow morning, and now he will be late- and in trouble. He left 2 days early, but he only got as far as Newark. He spent last night there and will probably be there tonight as well.

Lancelot, the cat, has had similar, crazy dificulties. Now they will not fly him, because from Santa Ana to Newark, they lost his health certificate and want a copy. The vet does not open until tomarrow morning. John has been fighting with people to no avail. He is so tired and frustrated. He has only his backpack, because all his luggage made it to Spain without him.

I am so worried about both of them stuck there, but there is nothing I can do. The dog and I are here in Colorado waiting for my new passport, so I can get my ticket. I hope it is not Continental Airlines and is through any airport other than Newark!!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG honey, I can't believe that! Is there anything I can do? Just say the word and I'll send the Calvary. I have friends in NY. Poor John and poor Moo!