Sunday, January 13, 2008

1 down, 3 to go

John made it to Rota!!

He was a day late to report to his work, but it is OK. He would have rather made a better impression though. Also, he has no luggage. I am not sure why that is, but he has no uniforms. He had to go shopping for just a few things to wear.
He goes to work on Monday with his sponsor who is supposed to show him around and help him get stuff situated.
He is in temporary housing right now. Monday, he will go to look at some different housing to see which is better. He said the one he is in now has very small rooms. He is hoping the other one is better. It is the same square feet, but less rooms, so they should be bigger. Neither has a seperate dining room. Grrr. We will have to cut the livingroom in half to have somewhere to put our diningroom table. Ah well.
I just want to get there!!
Also, on Monday, John will hopefully be picking up the cat. He has been in Newark since Wednesday! I am losing my mind with worry about him.
John said the base is nice with a big exchange (department store) and commissary (grocery store). He also said the town of Rota is nice, and he thinks I will really like it there. DUH!
Get me there, already.
So the good news in john is there. Just me, Nima,and Moo left to go.
I hope I don't have half the problems that John has had getting there. I am still waiting for my passport.

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