Sunday, January 13, 2008

A day with Cole and the puppies

I think Cole looks like Luke Skywalker here!! Check out the gun!

Today, Grandma & Me & Nino & Cole went to a diner where he had chili fies for the 1st time! We went to used bookstore then a thrift store called the Ark. It is Nino's favorite place to go! It was 50% off day, and I went nuts. I got some great stuff! Sweaters, a watch, albums, glasses, and scarves.
We had a great time. Cole is so entertaining!

The weather was mild today. It has been off and on snowing since I arrived here.

Nino & Cole at the Diner- Doesn't he look so big here?

Nessa and I have been taking a ton of pictures of Cole lately. Here are a couple, but click HERE to see many more!!!

After Alex passed away, the family got a new puppy. A corgi/blue healer named Morgaine. She is a cute lil thing. She is very smart, but she is still very much a puppy. She is only 4 months old. Mom takes her to Puppy classes. She tries to get Nima to play, but he is grouchy and noisy around her. Their favorite game is king of the mountain. Nima stakes out a pillow and she tries to sniff him from all angles while he turns around snapping and barking at her. So cute!

Nima & Morgaine

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