Thursday, January 3, 2008

Situation Critical

Here is the news. Since coming home from Colorado, John and I spent a week in Texas seeing Grandma and Grandpa Ruiz, then we saw his parents over Xmas, then we went to the sand dunes with Alicia and family for 4 days over New Years. (Pictures pending time willing) We have also been getting things done here like selling the car, shopping, getting pudgy on fast food, getting the pets' tickets to Spain, and getting my Visa into SPain!!!
You see, we thought and were told by Bahrain personnel that my tourist passport was enough, but WRONG. I also need a no-fee passport. It is anticipated to arrive Feb 4! That means BACK to Colorado I go!
I am happy to see all there. I had a wonderful time there last month, but I really wish I were going with John and the kids (Nima and Moo). The only good thing about this is by the time I am in the country, John will have figured out the housing situation, and we will be staying where ever we will be living for the next 3 years (minimum).
I could shoot somebody, but it would not get my visa here any sooner.
Tomarrow, we go back to John's parent's house for a couple nights. Then, I will fly out to CO on Monday. John and the pets fly out the day after that.
Wish us luck people. Game time is coming soon!

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