Friday, January 4, 2008

Texas Adventures!

John and I spent the second week of December in the great state of Texas!

My family (Dad's side) has a ranch a couple hours outside of Corpus Christi. I lived in CC for 2 years (although, I deny it many times-) My grandparents live there now with my Uncle Arnold and now my Aunt Hilda, who moved down there just a couple days after we arrived! My Uncle Greg lives on another ranch close by.

Grandpa Greg, Rodney, Grandma Edna, Me

John loved it there just like I knew he would, but we ran into a couple problems.

First, I was a lil under the weather when I got there. The day after I got there, I was downright miserably sick. I was coughing so much that I hardly slept each night and lost my voice completely! I tried to pretend nothing was wrong! Yeah right! I was drinking a bottle of cough syrup a day. It was horrible.

The only thing that could have made it worse::: happened!!! It was Record Freezing Temps for the whole time we were there!! The day we got in, the day we left- in the 80's! They had the air conditioning on! Between that- BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! We could really not even go outside most of the time. We did anyway, because we were determined to get the full TX experience!

John and Aunt Hilda
John tried to make friends with the ranch cows. I told him that they were not the friendly type being that they were MEAT cows not like the milking ones that you give names to and see every year- nope- MEAT cows. Mean and UNfriendly. Poor John.

John and mean MEAT cows

Luckily, on my Uncle's ranch they have 2 cows that are not for meat and have names, so we got to go and see them. They also were looking after a horse for a cousin, so we go to pet him.

John and nice cows, Mable and Cochino

We also went on a few walks around the ranch to see the sights! Like I said Aunt Hilda came a couple days agfter we got there (My cousin, Rodney, drove her and went back to Camp Pendleton a couple days after that) and we went on a big walk and found an old river bed that was so gorgeous! It looked like the secret garden!! We took lots of pictures, because compared to the rest of the land, it is amazing! Trees and green.
You be the judge:
River Bed
What the rest of the land looks like!!
We got a lil lost, and ended up being gone longer than antcipated, but we came out OK in the end. You just walk until you find a fence and then you follow it back until you find the house.
Grandma fattened us up good. We had some amazing meals, but I have my Tia Lydia to thank for the munudo! It was so good even John ate a bunch!

BTW, the whole time we were there John was known as Juan Dos. My Aunt Irma who I have been compared to for many years is also married to a John and he apparently shares many traits with my John, so to my TX family they have Juan One and Juan Dos. John loved it! He even signed a card to Grandma Edna as Juan Dos!

Sickness aside, we had a wonderful time. Rodney and Uncle Arnold and Juan Dos got along great. And Grandpa had fun talking to John about his time in the army in WWII. Quite different of course! First of all, all the "colored" people went to the bottom of the ship! Yeah- different times!

I am so glad we were able to go for so many reasons, but the main reason I am happy is that John got to meet Grandpa Greg for the 1st time.

For ALL the pictures of our Tx adventures, click HERE!!!

More to come on all that you have missed while I was away...

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