Saturday, February 23, 2008

Last weekend in America

Today I took Enigma to the vet for his health certificate. I really hope this goes smoother than Moo's journey.
She said that she heard a heart murmer that she did not hear when she gave him the other health certificate to go back to CA late November.
That worries me, as it came kind of fast. The doctor before said he had an enlarged heart and wanted to medicate him for it, but I wanted to wait to get a second oppinion in Spain, as this Dr was not the most trustworthy.
Tomarrow, Mom,Grandma,Cole,Nino,Nessa,andI are going to Colorado Springs to have lunch at PF Chang's. I hear many good things about it, but I have never been there before. Then we will do a lil shopping.
Sunday, should be all about packing and deciding what I will have to mail to Spain.
Yay- almost there!

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