Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Day out in town and in the yard

John- just outside the Mercado Publico.

John and I spent most of today in Rota.

First, we went to a restraunt just out of the base gate where we had molletes con chicharon. Mollete is the bread- a toasted roll, and chicharon is pork (of course!), and it comes with tomato, olive oil, and sea salt. It is good, because everything is fresh. I had it with a cafe solo(expresso), so my breakfast looked very similar to the one above. They put cofees in those lil tumbler glasses instead of cofee cups. Most Spanish dishes are very regional. For example, Molletes in Rota will look different from those in Sevilla or Barcelona. Most of the food here is VERY simply made, but with fresh ingredients.

The guy behind the counter kept breaking into song while we ate. I wondered if we were supposed to tip him for the entertainment.

Then, we went to the Mercado Publico, which is their version of a farmer's market. It was pretty small and mostly just fish. But we found a small place that looked like a closet on the way back that had fresh veggies, fruit, and eggs. So, it was not a loss after all. I think maybe the Mercado has more during the weekends.

This is what the Mercado Publico looks like from the outside. Inside it is an open air plaza.

At that point, we were right next to the plaza by the Castillo de la Luna, which I love! So we went back to the pastery shop that was closed last time and bought a bunch of sweet things that we do not the know the name of. We just pointed. Although, John did have a doughnut.

The very cool Castillo de la Luna. It has banners today, unlike when I have seen it before. Maybe it is for Semana Santa.

We took the sweets to a cafe between the castillo and the church- right in the plaza, and had wine and talked for a loooong time. What I had called a "tinto" before is actually called a Tinto or Vino de Verano. The word tinto by itself used in a bar will just get you a glass of red wine- which we learned today!! The tinto de verano is the wine plus soda water over ice. Much yummier than Sangria, I think, because it is not as sweet. And it is the only wine drink that John likes.

I love that place. We have been there before, and they have a menu, but neither John nor I could figure out what was on it. I need to bring a cheat sheet.

The castillo is on the left, the church on the right, and the umbrellas belong to the lil cafe I love-under the red fabric. It is hard to see, but there is a large fountain just in front of it.

It has been a lil cool here lately. It is sunny, but the wind is chilly. We froze at the St Patty's Day party that John's chief gave yesterday.

Tonight John has a soccer game, and he wants me come and be cheerleader. Hope I do not freeze!

Click HERE for the today's Rota photos.

Click HERE for some new pictures of the yard, my plants, Moo, and Nima.

Moo is only allowed out on his leash that is attached to a stake in the ground. Overprotective, I know.

The yard wraps around the house, so the part with patio and awning is really the side, and the picture with Nima and the fence is the back. Some plants are in pots, but the herbs I want in the ground. That will take some work, and I am still not sure where I want them. I have 5 lilies coming up as well! Yay!

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